A New Breed of Entertainment

MF Studios takes pride in bringing you amazing entertainment projects right here in this new platform whilst also offering their talent for your business.


Make your business stand out with a complete branding package in which we will take care of your image, deliverability, social media, and site.


We have a keen eye for detail and design which is visible in all our projects and organizations.

Filming & Photography

We have a wide experience in the field of filmography and photography with a unique feel which will be tailored to suit your business’ needs.

TV Production

Our studio is perhaps most renowned for the TV series ‘Revved’, which was a ground-breaking show that set itself apart, quickly becoming one of the most popular motoring show on local TV. Every single aspect was handled by MF Studios, from scripting, design, set dressing, photography, sound-design and editing.

Web Design

We have been helping out several entities in creating portals to showcase their business, products, and services. In a digital world, your portal is key to engage your audience and maximize potential reach.


Sure everyone can take a photo with their phone and post it online, but will it engage the audience as much as a professional one will? Don’t risk testing the theory out, leave the artistic stuff for us and allow us to take your business to the next level.

“We are simply using our passion and experience to bring amazing projects to life…”

Matthew Cesareo | Founder & Director

“Our projects speak for themselves. We love doing what we do, and it shows. We never jeopardize quality for money.”

Fabian Azzopardi | Founder & Content Creator

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