Our Story

During the peak of the pandemic, the team here got together and created ‘MF Studios Malta’: a new company made up of indie filmmakers with a passion for cinematography with the simple task of revamping Maltese media and entertainment, to make it more accessible and to eliminate the stigma surrounding the then-current content. MF Studios burst onto the scene with ‘Revved’, a motoring show which took the island by storm due to its high production value and a more modern approach to entertainment. Revved garnered over a staggering 135,000 views on social media which continue to rise each day.

Starting from nothing and with relatively no budget, the production of ‘Revved’ has given the team here at MF a new ideology and has provided new goals to achieve.

Driven by Passion

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled

The Team

Matthew Cesareo

Founder & Director

Fabian Azzopardi

Founder & Content Creator